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  • The Void

    The Void


    There's so much exciting talent in the indie horror scene today that it's hard to keep up. A group of filmmakers I feel like I came late to are the Astron-6 guys. Composed of five Hollywood make-up experts, the team began cranking out bizarre, comedic genre homages in 2007. The gang moved into feature films with 2011's “Man-Borg.” They've since made movies like “Father's Day,” “The Editor,” and one of the best segments in “The ABCs of Death.” Their work…

  • Killer Klowns from Outer Space

    Killer Klowns from Outer Space


    Once upon a time, an awesome title was all a horror movie needed to get funded. Surely one of the genre's greatest titles is “Killer Klowns from Outer Space.” The film was a passion project of the Chiodo Brothers, a trio of brothers who have a long career in special effects and stop-motion work. Due to its outrageous title, which sums up its outrageous premise, the film would immediately attract a cult following.

    I mean, what self-respecting horror fans wouldn't…

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  • The Babadook

    The Babadook


    Every year, I endeavor to see a newly released horror movie, preferably in the theaters. Because, while Halloween is about revisiting old favorites, it should be about new discoveries too. Of course, I did see a new horror movie in the theater this season, “Dracula Untold.” But that barely counts. I had other options, like fucking “Ouija,” ugh. The horror movie I really wanted to see, though, was “The Babadook,” a new Australian film that had been getting rave reviews…

  • The Return of the Living Dead

    The Return of the Living Dead


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    While watching “Scream” this summer, I spent a lot of time thinking about post-modern horror. Naturally, Kevin Williamson didn’t do it first. Dan O’Bannon, a hugely successful and influential screenwriter that never got his due in his life time, beat him by a decade. Originally designed for director Tobe Hooper, O’Bannon injected the screenplay with his trademark inventiveness and quirky humor. “Return of the Living Dead” is textbook post-modern, referencing “Night of the Living Dead” explicitly. O’Bannon makes his intentions…