ژن ژیان ئازادی

Favorite films

  • Gerorisuto
  • The Angels' Melancholia
  • Orozco the Embalmer
  • Angel's Egg

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  • Savage Religions


  • Crazy Lips


  • Dramatis Personae


  • Undergrowth


Recent reviews

  • That Which Will be Snuffed by the Hand of Darkness

    That Which Will be Snuffed by the Hand of Darkness

    Part 2
    (Part 1)
    I love filming stuff. camera is like "the crystal" for me.
    it's one of the few joys I get in my life.
    Filming and making this was like a fun game to me, I don't care about art and stuff.
    I made this from about 100+ hours of footage I filmed through 6 years.
    simple stuff: Nature, Humans, animals, Places, experiments with light & ...
    If anyone is interested in experimental video diaries send me a message on discord.
    It's free.
    The other short Cadaverous Sonneteer is a 17-minute footage of various rotting animals I find now and then.

  • Crystal



    Part 1
    (Part 2)

    This film awakes the senses I had when I was a child.
    wandering around, playing with the smallest things. Drowning in dreams only by staring at objects.
    lying down, not thinking; Dreaming.
    Just take a piece of crystal and stare at it through light, from different angles.

    you may remember.

Popular reviews

  • The Angels' Melancholia

    The Angels' Melancholia


    When I was 3-4 years old, I captured a beautiful butterfly. I didn't know the meaning of death and thought I could keep it forever. I put it inside a matchbox and later that day, when I opened the box I saw ants were eating it alive! It was trying to escape but the ants were crawling all over its body.
    This might be a normal thing to see but at that age, that was the scariest and cruelest thing…

  • That Which Will Become of a Stolen Soul

    That Which Will Become of a Stolen Soul

    Hello! Here's my new short film.