Chaos Walking

Chaos Walking

An absolute TRASH!

Amazing and talented leading cast. Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland couldn't save this movie even if they tried. For a project that has been in production since 2017, it was disappointing to see what they ended up with.

The writing of the chemistry that Todd Hewitt and Viola Eade were supposed to have, was bad and forced. This despite the fact that both cast members acted this out and owned the material. It was just badly written which means the person who penned the screenplay for the movie had a hard time coming up with a solid hook for the two. To think this was taken from existing good-ass story material? I am disappointed.

And why was Nick Jonas in this movie anyway? his acting is quite decent and good to some extent, but then his character was useless. The excessive writing that this film went through was too obvious. I wonder if they will ever make a sequel with better writing. If not, then I'm done for this being turned into a 10-part series on any streaming service.

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