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  • Monster Hunter

    Monster Hunter


    One thing about Paul W. S. Anderson, he will make a loud, heavy, action-packed movie with his wife being a badass.

    Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa were amazing. When they first met and had to fight each other, I thoroughly enjoyed their fight scene despite it being filled with unnecessary jump cuts. I was, somehow, disappointed at the characters that were killed off - the ones who arrived with Artemis in that monster world as I would have loved to…

  • Tom Clancy's Without Remorse

    Tom Clancy's Without Remorse


    This movie felt like a revengeful movie that we have all watched before. The only thing in such cases we look forward to, is the acting, action sequences, fighting choreography, and how intense some level-headed scenes are.

    I personally find Michael B Jordan's acting average. He is unable to give off that 'vengeance...seeking' husband and father-to-be. With that said, a couple of people show brought their A-Game to the game. One, in particular, is Jodie Turner-Smith - she was amazing…