mid90s ★★★★½

Seen at NYFF 10.07.18

For Jonah Hill’s first directorial debut, this film was an amazing craft of its own. It’s a witty triumph about love, loss, brotherhood, and growth told in something that was authentic. The graininess of the film achieves to replicate a home video from the 90s with a 4:3 aspect ratio, and the unapologetic teenage humor.

The performances were fantastic, specifically Sunny Suljic’s portrayal of Stevie. He represented a descent into living in a desired world under the influence; from a victim of his brotherhood to relying his power on the people he surrounds himself with. It couldn’t have been acted out by anyone else. 

Mid90s is a film fixated on real, facetious humor and a dark descent into revival. It’s a film aware of its familiarity and nostalgia. It’s a film that cares about youth.. and I’d definitely like to see it again.

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