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  • Sleepless in Seattle

    Sleepless in Seattle


    Ordinarily, this whole premise might be weird but they’re soulmates, OKAY? Neutral tones, wool scarves, an office with a harp, lil gaby hoffman, a zillion An Affair to a Remember references and a very impressive Cary Grant impression by the too infrequently cast Rob Reiner. Like Campbell’s chicken noodle concentrate on a sick day, I need it.

  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    if you look up “ripped” in urban dictionary, the first example is brad pitt in Fight Club, but you could also include brad pitt’s lower eye lids in ad astra. those heavenly bags are no accident... sculpted pockets of muscle capable of fine micro movements that reveal a tremble of emotion. i wish i could see Brad Pitt practicing his lower lid twitch in the mirror. it’s the respectable cousin of trying to move just one eyeball, and I’m about to go see if I can do it right now.

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  • Late Spring

    Late Spring


    Whenever I visit Dad, there's a readjustment period as we reacquaint ourselves with routine--rooms we share, dinners we enjoy, tv shows we watch together--until preoccupation with adulthood reverts to familiarity of childhood. No big good nights, just Okay I'm going to beds. And when it's time to go home I cry and cry. With distance we lose closeness, and I wonder if it's final.

    Late Spring strikes that chord. I cried and cried.

  • The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice

    The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice


    "My hands smell like miso."  
    "Let me smell."  

    A movie about the unoccupied space between people, and its surrounding clutter.  Classic Ozu, once again sweet and infuriating, filling you full of judgyness then empathy as his world becomes your world, his characters your family... where late night snacks are not a poor decision but the solution to all of your problems.  Obviously my kind of movie.