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  • The Fits

    The Fits


    It's middle school, I arrive to mandatory pep rally and head not to the bleachers but the floor, dripping with attention. I float near the rafters, the result of a truly awesome herky, hover there while my audience gets their shit together, then soar 30 maybe 40 feet and dunk the shit out of a basketball. And now they know.

    I'm in middle school, I'm vaguely asian and the worst student in taekwondo class. My one friend and I are…

  • Manhunter



    Bodacious. First half feels like 3 hours of walking through an Ikea showroom with slightly better music, murder and science. Second half picks up with the reveal of our kinda touching villain, a crescendo of synths and like 900 years of bad luck. Everyone goes full-retard, with special honors to William Peterson, the 1986 world champion of thinking out loud. Favorite line by deadpan Dennis Farina, "There was a litterbox downstairs. But no cat." It's everyone's loss the Law and Order chaching hadn't been invented yet.

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  • Late Spring

    Late Spring


    Whenever I visit Dad, there's a readjustment period as we reacquaint ourselves with routine--rooms we share, dinners we enjoy, tv shows we watch together--until preoccupation with adulthood reverts to familiarity of childhood. No big good nights, just Okay I'm going to beds. And when it's time to go home I cry and cry. With distance we lose closeness, and I wonder if it's final.

    Late Spring strikes that chord. I cried and cried.

  • Scarecrow



    A wide shot of blue and tan, dead grass and tumbleweed, the other man's Lawrence of Arabia, as Gene Hackman struggles in 5 shirts, 1 sweater, 2 jackets and 3 pairs of pants to fit through a chicken wire fence, tumble down a dirt embankment and thumb a ride. 4 minutes later he speaks his first lines, "HEY HEY HEY GODDAMMIT HEY." Scarecrow is a buddy picture with all the stylings of a 70s road movie fit with quiet wandering,…