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  • Victor Frankenstein

    Victor Frankenstein


    Like one part Brideshead Revisited and four parts lesser seasons of Smallville. And kind of gross. This is totally populated by people with other things going on. McAvoy is figuring out the next turn in his career, Radcliffe still establishing his, Scott just coming off being Moriarty in Sherlock, and everyone from the director on down was drunk. You should honestly see this for how bad it is and to remember this point in everyone's career. Radcliffe is almost too…

  • Dunkirk



    Dunkirk in 70mm, with the familiar sound of film projector and a loud tense opening scene, was instantly rewarded with total silence. 10 minutes into it, made eye contact with a stranger to confirm, "Ok this is awesome, right?" I got rocked. A New Yorker crit says this won't get a fair shake til it's seen on home video (he didn't like it). And who knows, maybe I got swept up in the experience like when I pretended to speak tongues at that televangelist church. Maybe, but no matter how earnest or manipulative the sensory experience may have been, I'm v. excited to see it again.

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  • Late Spring

    Late Spring


    Whenever I visit Dad, there's a readjustment period as we reacquaint ourselves with routine--rooms we share, dinners we enjoy, tv shows we watch together--until preoccupation with adulthood reverts to familiarity of childhood. No big good nights, just Okay I'm going to beds. And when it's time to go home I cry and cry. With distance we lose closeness, and I wonder if it's final.

    Late Spring strikes that chord. I cried and cried.

  • Scarecrow



    A wide shot of blue and tan, dead grass and tumbleweed, the other man's Lawrence of Arabia, as Gene Hackman struggles in 5 shirts, 1 sweater, 2 jackets and 3 pairs of pants to fit through a chicken wire fence, tumble down a dirt embankment and thumb a ride. 4 minutes later he speaks his first lines, "HEY HEY HEY GODDAMMIT HEY." Scarecrow is a buddy picture with all the stylings of a 70s road movie fit with quiet wandering,…