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  • Thelma



    I've never seen a Trier film before and now I want to see every Trier film, so beautiful and beautifully made is THELMA.

    This is a case where I have my criticisms -- it feels light on plot for a two hour film, it alternates between thuddingly obvious and frustratingly opaque metaphors, and it never quite tips over into the pure genre movie it seems to want to become, and yet all those quibbles seem minor in the face of…

  • Mind Game

    Mind Game


    Jaw-dropping stuff. Opening and closing sequences especially good. Sexual politics a little iffy.

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  • Arrival



    How I imagine the producers pitched this to Villeneuve:

    VILLENEUVE: I dunno, this seems sort of hopeful and uplifting. I prefer dark stories about serial killers and drug runners. I don't really see why you came to me, to be honest.

    PRODUCERS: Did we mention there's a giant spider creature thing?


    (This joke for the thirty people who saw ENEMY).

  • Paterson



    I used to respect Jarmusch more than I loved him, but with this and ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE he's tapped into something potent, a sort of wise, middle-aged artist's humanism that I find devastatingly lovely.