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  • Tragedy Girls

    Tragedy Girls


    American Psycho meets Heathers for the social media age.
    I must admit that Tragedy Girls has left me somewhat conflicted. It puts an original spin on traditional slasher themes with strong performances from a solid cast, some clever horror film references and impressive practical gore effects thrown in for good measure...
    I found it virtually impossible to generate any level of empathy for the central characters.
    Yes, it's a commentary on the Gen Z mindset of "Likes = Popularity…

  • Lips of Blood

    Lips of Blood


    Guided by visions of a mysterious young girl and seeming protected by a quartet of beautiful vampires dressed in billowing diaphanous attire, an impressively coiffed young man must unlock long-suppressed childhood memories and in doing so reveal sordid family secrets and ultimately embrace his own destiny.
    To the best of my knowledge this is my first foray into the cinematic world of Jean Rollin and I must say that I'm suitably impressed. There is some brilliant imagery on display here…

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  • Summer of 84

    Summer of 84


    Riding the retro-inspired wake of Stranger Things, It Follows and the IT remake comes Summer of 84, the latest offering from the directors of Turbo Kid (which is one of my favourite films of the past five years).
    Set to a synth-laden soundtrack dripping eighties goodness (often reminiscent of a synthwave remix of the Halloween theme), the film follows a group of teens who come to believe that their neighbour is a serial killer. They set out to prove it…

  • Hereditary



    Please don't hate on me too much for this, but I went into Hereditary with high expectations and was left extremely disappointed.
    I appreciated the film-making process on display (the camerawork and editing were exceptional), I appreciated the tension and sense of dread created, I appreciated the acting (particularly by Toni Collette) and there were some seriously creepy scenes sprinkled throughout, but I thought the final act was a real letdown.
    The last 15-20 minutes went in a direction that…