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  • Night Life

    Night Life


    Scott Grimes (who it seems was far more prolific than I had previously realised during the eighties) stars as an aspiring mortuary assistant in this uneven but enjoyable horror/comedy/zombie hybrid which also features John Astin as his grumpy mortician uncle.
    The plot tends to lack focus and far too much time is spent laying the foundations for the events that eventually ensue during the last half hour, but there are some laughs, a few genuinely creepy moments and some very effective practical gore effects that elevate Night Life above similar fare of the era.
    Well worth a watch!

  • Chatterbox!



    It's silly, crude and juvenile, but I really enjoyed Chatterbox! !!
    I remember seeing this film on the shelf of my local video store as a kid and thinking for some reason that it was British (maybe it was Rip Taylor's moustache on the cover), so it came as some surprise to find out that it was actually American.
    Candice Rialson is gorgeous as Penny, a woman who discovers that her vagina can talk and sing. This precipitates no end…

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  • Christina



    For a film with grand ambitions, starting out (after a bit of boob-flashing disco dancing) with the statement that this is "The first in a series of adventures based on the World-wide bestsellers", Christina is pretty bloody bad !!
    Ridiculous plot, terrible acting, inane dialogue and LOTS and LOTS of Jewel Shepard in various states of undress, doing the bedroom boom-boom with anyone who has a pulse.... so there's that :)
    Watch out for the poor horse being hit on the head by a motorcycle wheel during a chase scene among the dunes - I physically winced !!

  • Death Race 2000

    Death Race 2000


    Is that a grenade?
    A hand grenade.

    (I laughed!)

    I saw Death Race 2000 many, many moons ago when I was a kid... I thought the cars were SOOOO COOOOL and I remember being shocked by the blood. However, I think I probably saw a heavily censored version because I certainly don't recall the rampant nudity and head crushing!!
    This is reality TV 70's style... the commentary by the TV reporter is amusingly cringe-worthy, the fashion is larey and while…