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  • Joy of Flying

    Joy of Flying


    Ahhh the Seventies..... when pubic hair was plentiful and sexual attitudes were liberal !!
    I had impression that this this softcore skin flick was supposed to promote female sexual empowerment, but the message is morally obscure and could ultimately be perceived as being quite degrading.
    Nevertheless, for a film of this type, it's actually pretty entertaining!

  • Jocks



    One of the lesser known entries in the teen sex comedy genre, and to be honest there's a reason for that...

    Jocks ain't all that funny.

    It has a pretty good cast with the likes of Mariska Hargitay, Richard Roundtree, Katherine Kelly Lang and even Christopher Lee, but the comedy is decidedly low-brow and forced, tending to rely on misoginistic, racist and homophobic cheap shots that are more cringe-worthy than humorous.

    It's watchable, but that's about it.

    FYI - The cover shot has nothing to do with the film!

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  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


    Edgar Wright is quite the director. Bringing a series of graphic novels incorporating slapstick comedy and a video game aesthetic to life should have been nigh on impossible - to do it successfully and coherently is a monumental achievement.

    To say that this is a gimicky teen movie is a fair dinkum cop out... At 53 years old, I still had multiple LOLs and emojis coming out of my arse...

    Maybe I digress.....

    (Shit!! I promised myself I would never use the word "aesthetic" in a Letterboxd review... DOH !!!!)

  • I Drink Your Blood

    I Drink Your Blood


    Butchery and mayhem abound in this surprisingly well crafted 70s grindhouse/horror classic.
    A group of LSD-fuelled devil-worshipping hippies take up residence in a small dam construction town and begin terrorising the locals until young Pete takes matters into his own hands and feeds them meat pies infected with rabies as revenge for attacking his grandpa. The already deranged hippies are then transformed into batshit-crazy homicidal maniacs intent on killing and/or infecting all and sundry.
    Much foaming at the mouth, limb…