Turbo Kid

Turbo Kid ★★★★★

Turbo Kid is the best fun you'll have this year with your clothes on !!
Released in 2015, this Canadian/New Zealand co-production is more 80s than Kajagoogoo and actually frames itself as taking place in a post-apocalyptic 1997 to reinforce the concept.
The cast is perfect, with Munro Chambers as the Turbo Kid, Aussie actor Aaron Jeffrey as a rogue arm-wrestling cowboy and Michael Ironside (from Scanners) having a ball as the evil warlord Zeus. However, it's little-known Canadian actress Laurence Leboeuf who absolutely shines as the Kids' quirky offsider, Apple.
The synthwave soundtrack is magnificent and the film is brimming with hilarious comic book gore obviously inspired by District 9 and early Peter Jackson films such as Bad Taste.
believe me, this is no kids film - YOU MUST WATCH THIS !!!

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