You Were Never Really Here

You Were Never Really Here ★★

I hate nothing more than walking away from a film thinking "... Well that was a waste of an hour and a half...", and unfortunately this seems to be the case every time I watch a Joaquin Phoenix movie.

Pretentious, overrated tripe such as You Were Never Really Here really grates my gears. What annoys me even more is that very few people are prepared to call it out as such, preferring to praise its grittiness, its brutality and its complexity. Sorry people, a film can have all of the above and still have a coherent and engaging plot that doesn't rely on vacant Joaquin stares which apparently pass as intense and brilliant acting. The term "art house" also seems to be thrown around a lot, which generally translates to "arty-farty bollocks".

Apologies for being so negative, maybe I should have waited a while before I put my thoughts into a review, but movies like this really do piss me off. I'd much rather watch something that assumes that I'm not particularly intelligent but keeps me entertained for a couple of hours than a movie that assumes it's more intelligent than I'll ever be and spends the majority of its run-time rubbing my nose in it.

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