My Young Auntie ★★★★★

This movie was everything I wanted Come Drink with Me (1966) to be! Starring a strong female lead in Kara Hui, who is as deadly as she is BEAUTIFUL, the fight scenes were crisp and there was even some top notch swordplay towards the end. Liu Chia-Liang, who also wrote and directed, is an absolute pleasure to watch (as always!) but doesn't overshadow the main starlet. The comedy was a bit strange but the fight at the masquerade ball was just too silly not to laugh! The son's terrible English and the bizarre style he tries to promote as being "hip" (which I don't think was ever "in" at any time in any part of the world) is absolutely ridiculous. I could've done without the whole rivalry between the kid and his young auntie but the fights in this film are outstanding, making this a MUST watch for fans of Kung Fu cinema!