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Friday Night Film - JUDGEMENT

One of the films of the year, Park Chan-wook's Decision to Leave, is available to stream on MUBI from today and we wanted to highlight another MUBI exclusive, his early-career short JUDGEMENT.


We’re dedicating this month’s Friday Night Film picks to Noirvember and as we’re just coming out of the spooky season, we start off with the late-70s chiller WHEN A STRANGER CALLS, a fascinating blend of home invasion terror and gritty noir. 


Rob Zombie’s Halloween remakes have proven to be divisive for deviating so drastically from John Carpenter’s brooding slasher classic. Every inch of Zombie’s films oozes with grit and grain. They’re bloody, brutal affairs that don’t leave much to the imagination with a trailer park aesthetic that is an acquired taste.

Friday Night Film - GOOD MANNERS

This week’s Friday Night Film pick is quite possibly the greatest contemporary horror film you’ve never seen and is a part of the BFI’s In Dreams are Monsters, a UK-wide season of horror films that focuses on the creatures that have haunted our screens and dreams for over a century.

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