Friday Night Film - THE NAKED CITY

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We head to the streets of New York for our next #noirvember pick with the seminal THE NAKED CITY from master noir craftsman Jules Dassin. 
From the film's opening narration, with its unusual declaration of a film not made on a studio set but on the streets of New York, it's apparent that this is more than your typical film noir offering. Shot almost entirely on location, the first major Hollywood picture of its kind, the film is structured around the familiar framework of a police procedural - a former model is found dead in her bathtub and two detectives are tasked with investigating her murder - but the narrative takes a backseat to the films true star - NYC itself.
In post-war America, New York was a city doused with decay and beauty and the remains of its art deco skyline are squeezed into nearly every frame of Dassin's naturalistic crime drama, paving the way for grittier iterations of the genre in the decades to come.

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