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  • Wiggly


    Didn't re-watch this or anything, really just wanted to note that I used to pull this up with some frequency back in the day, as it was a special feature on my copy of "Touch Me in the Morning," and that two quotes from it have been clanging around my head regularly for what is now the majority of my life:

    "We've been having this yard sale every day for a fucking year and we haven't sold a god damn thing."


    "Fuck you. It's my fucking yard sale, and I make the fucking rules."

  • Creatures from the Abyss

    Creatures from the Abyss


    Has that "people stumble around a location until something vile happens" vibe of a V-Cinema monster jam like "Guzoo" or "Conton," except without the mercifully abbreviated runtime. There are some exceptionally wild lines in the English dub, but for the most part this one's unfortunately a chore to sit through.

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  • Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

    Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky


    I have fond memories of watching this by myself, but last night I had the immense privilege of hosting a screening for about 30 people, many of whom had never seen it, and I must say that nothing beats having an audience to laugh, groan, and wince with. An all-time feel-good crowd pleaser with blood geysers and head crushings. I love you, Riki-Oh.

    Programmed as part of the farewell festivities for my favorite place in the world, Viva Video.

  • Moonlight Whispers

    Moonlight Whispers


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Like "The Lobster," a love story that concludes with voluntary blindness (though, in this case, it's only in one eye). Satsuki's transformation is highly compelling, as she gradually loses, then grieves, then moves on from a naive, idealized narrative about romance, concluding that it is, in fact, merely a narrative. The dramatized and contrived nature of a dom/sub relationship is effective in interrogating the dynamics of more "normal" relationships, but most broadly, it exposes the extent to which these dynamics…