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  • Martyrs


    One of those films that just sticks with you. I've seen a lot of films and never felt traumatized until I watched this one. It was very hard to stomach.

    Ultimately it affected me so significantly that I have trouble analyzing the quality of the film and my experience.

    Was it a good film? That depends entirely on your definition of good. Only watch if you're a hardened and desensitized viewer. If you do watch I can guarantee you wont forget the experience.

  • Mozart and the Whale

    Mozart and the Whale


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Its hard to review a film that connects with you on multiple personal levels. Not only do I fall heavily on Asperger's spectrum, I've grown up in the North Idaho/Eastern WA area where this film was shot.

    This isn't a typical love story, the main characters have to learn how to love in the first place. They've to learn how to connect with another & let each other in. Its beautiful and strange at the same time.

    As a whole the…

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  • Ever Since the World Ended

    Ever Since the World Ended


    Manages to be a positive look at a post-apocalyptic world while not ignoring the negative aspects.

    Its style (documentary) is both its biggest strength and the cause of its failure; the documentary style makes suspension of belief much harder. Its full of little logic holes that the documentary style only serves to draw attention to. If you're good at ignoring such things (I am) you can get into the film. Its surprisingly well acted for a cast made up of complete unknowns. The only recognizable face being that of Adam Savage.

    I ultimately found it to be 78 minutes well spent.