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  • Fallen Angels
  • Summer of Soul (...or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)
  • West Side Story
  • Fantasia

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  • Christmas at the Plaza

    Christmas at the Plaza


    β˜€οΈ Christmas in July - 'Tis NOT The Season πŸŽ„- Movie #1

    A historian is hired to create an exhibition honoring the history of the Plaza Hotel at Christmas.

    Before I start this review, let me put your thoughts to rest. Oh no, I've turned into one of those people who's a Christmas nut job 24/7! Well, that's kinda the case, but I do have a reason for it. Welcome to my version of Christmas in July where I'll be…

  • Love & Gelato

    Love & Gelato

    Worst Netflix Movies #53
    A recent high school graduate takes a trip to Rome from the guidance of her deceased mother.

    I've thought y'all was exaggerating about this movie, but I guess it's not a good sign when one of the girls from the Tall Girl movies shows up as another sassy black girl character. I haven't read the book, but I imagine it's better than what we got here. The main character Lina is very annoyingly quirky, the love…

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  • Soul



    I'm sure that other reviews on here can explain this plot better than I could, but overall this was really good. Truly good. It was just a astonishing, thoughtful experience throughout and Pixar stepped up their game in the animation. They're truly in their pocket with this. The themes of this movie is way too complex for little kids, but there's enough there for them to at least understand it in a beautiful, simple way. This was like sitting through…

  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up


    Oscar Nominated Film - Best Picture #1

    Two astronomers are trying to convince to the populace that a comet is crashing onto Earth.

    Well, this was a lot to process and I have incredibly mixed feelings on this overall. I can totally see why this deserves a 1/2 ratings and 5 star ratings from practically everybody. But first things first, where the hell has Jennifer Lawrence been? After the Hunger Games, I thought she dropped off the face of the…