Love Hard

Love Hard ★★★

A dating journalist has been catfished while trying to surprise her new love for Christmas.

Guess I'm starting early with this Netflix holiday flicks this year, huh? This was a decently sweet holiday romcom with Nina Dobrev and Jimmy O Yang as charming leads. And Darren Barnett playing his typical stock hot guy and playing it well and finally playing someone his age, which is refreshing since Never Have I Ever when he plays a character who's 17. Luckily I've seen Love Actually, and soon enough, Die Hard to get some of the references, even though that argument of the latter being a legit Christmas movie is tiring in general sense. Quite iffy however that this film romanticized catfishing, you all know that show on MTV. A bit dishonest, but hey, it's a romcom. Some standout moments including the politically correct version of Baby It's Cold Outside and the ending, which both of those was really cute (hence the movie's name). Overall, it knows what it is, holiday tropes galore, but I'm fine with it and I knew what i've sign up for. Not bad for being currently number one right now on the streamer as of today.

A decent start for the Netflix winter slate, but let's see what they'll cook up next. Since this is a Christmas movie (and I'll do this for every Christmas film from now on BTW), I'll rate this in relation to a Christmas related scale in terms of how much I've enjoyed it and how Christmassy it feels.

How Christmassy is it: A fair amount actually. Family gatherings, Christmas tree decorating, snowfall at the very end, winter clothes, caroling, tobogganing, Christmas music, the BIG Christmas discussions : Is Die Hard or Love Actually a legit Christmas movie and
Baby It's Cold Outside is a rapey song.

3 Catfishing Phones (📱📱📱) for enjoyment scale. Enough good laughs and feels to kick the holiday watching season off.

Warning: TV-MA. No sex or nudity, some profanity (including one F-bomb) but no violence.

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