Thunder Force

Thunder Force ★½

Worst Netflix Movies #26
Two childhood friends unite after a treatment causes them to have powers to battle the Miscreants & save the city.

A very new release that just came out yesterday on Netflix that I can easily add on to this list. This definitely ain't no Marvel's Avengers or Deadpool, that's for sure. Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer both have reasonable chemistry together. Jason Bateman is a clear standout here with his lobster arms. But all these well respected actors aren't enough to carry the whole film. Octavia Spencer is great in everything I've seen her in so far, she's a great actress. This is a superhero comedy and part of the goal here is to make funny moments; I don't think I've laughed once the whole movie besides a chuckle here and there mainly from Bateman. This is directed by Ben Falcone, Melissa's husband, and they've done a couple of projects together. I haven't seen any of them, but based on seeing this it's probably as mediocre at best. And the acton fight scenes were pretty blah, no excitement there. Which was the case for the whole film in general. Unfortunately, I have to give this one a hard skip. All of these actors can do better.

Warning: PG-13. No sex or nudity, some profanity and violence

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