Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★★

I feel like I've waited forever to finally watch Halloween Kills, so regardless of my rating I'm just happy to be here!

I definitely knew going into this that fans were either going to love it or hate it simply due to the complexities of the Halloween universe and the subsequent remakes, sequels, etc. Out of all the "well known" horror franchises, Michael Myers and the Halloween series has always been my favorite of the bunch so do with that what you will.

Overall, I enjoyed this. The music choices and the opening credits gave me all the nostalgic feels that I get every time I toss one of these movies on. I also appreciated the 1978 flashbacks and the little nuances throughout the film that only serious Halloween fans would recognize.

However, the constant "Evil Dies Tonight!" and the mob mentality stuff was a little too much for me. Those scenes were incredibly cringe and overall unnecessary to the story. I would've loved to see more scenes outside of the hospital especially involving JLC and Judy Greer who always manage to make me laugh even during super serious scenes.

Go into Halloween Kills with an open mind, and have fun with it. Even though it's super easy to overanalyze this, you'll enjoy it way more if you take it for what it is.

PS - I commend the sheer confidence of gays using a charcuterie knife!

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