Deadpool ★★½

Felt like I had to check this out to see what all the fuss was all about. I skipped the theaters in February because (A) superhero fatigue is really getting to me these days and (B) the relentless barrage of ads were selling the "aren't I so naughty and transgressive" style of humor that I usually can't stand. But, after the Producer's Guild nod, I felt like I might be underestimating it.

Apparently not, though. Deadpool is fine at best. Just fine. Can't say I laughed once, but again, this isn't my taste of comedy. Some credit has to be given for this being a pretty swiftly-paced relatively low-stakes superhero film. I appreciated the self-awareness (even if it did grate after a while) and kinetic action sequences, but overall, I don't think it's anything special.

Although the plot is simpler than most films of this kind, the characters aren't very well developed and the climax is surprisingly underwhelming (it comes off like a midpoint action sequence, not a finale). It feels like very little actually happened in this movie, or at least very little of interest, as the revenge plot is incredibly predictable. Every beat is familiar and I get that it might be part of the whole "we know how generic this is" gag the screenplay is pulling, but the sardonic inclinations of the writing never felt as clever and innovative as, say, The LEGO Movie.

Most frustratingly, the crux of the film — Wade's relationship with Vanessa — is brushed over so quickly I found it impossible to properly identify with them or care about them when shit hits the fan later on. In fact, I kind of disliked them both. Additionally, the two X-Men characters come off as forgettable add-ons rather than fully fleshed out heroes, and I'm not a fan of TJ Miller, so the less said about him, the better. However, I did like Leslie Uggams as Blind Al, so maybe that balances out a bit.

Anywho, to reiterate, I'm indifferent toward this.

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