The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

Wow. Huge grower upon rewatch. The Favourite feels like you're floating through an elegant manor that's actually a prison. Beautiful costumes recall the steretypical prisoner's black and white striped outfit. Extremely wide lenses make it feel like the room is closing in on you and rapidly spinning around you at the same time. Generally, great production design and cinematography here really transports you into a world unlike most other films.

The script is fantastic. So many clever and deep lines throughout this entire film, and small symbols that one might miss. When combined with the aforementioned great production design and cinematography as well as inspired acting from all three leads and extremely great directing on Yorgos's part, the whole move shines. This movie examines so many themes at once: love, sex, power, class, grief, and retaliation. More importantly, the film examines each of those themes together as a cross section, where the lines between them blur, much like in reality.

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