Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★½

Finally caught up with Everything Everywhere All At Once, the very silly, genre-bending, sci-fi lite comedy nutstravaganza, starring the truly fabulous Michelle Yeoh as a Chinese laundromat owner who has to put her tax audit on hold while she saves the world. The film wears its metaphysics a little heavily, with an over-eagerness to explain its multiverse time-travelling, but makes up for it with amazing spectacle and go-for-broke exuberance. That it holds together at all is largely due to Yeoh, an actor of indestructible poise who brings subtlety and depth to a very frenetic film, while also being a badass MMA warrior. Jamie Lee Curtis is ideally cast as a hatchet-faced tax auditor in a fright wig, and I loved all the campy intertextual references to Space Odyssey: 2001, In the Mood for LoveRatatouille and Carol. It also features the most creative use of buttplugs ever seen in a Hollywood film. Not quite as profound or life-changing as it wants to be, but still great fun, and what a great Oscar vehicle for Yeoh.

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