Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead ★★★★

The shot-analyst in me couldn’t stop interrupting during this movie - always a good sign. I’m a huge fan of the campy quick zooms which give a sort of whiplash effect, as well as the incredibly detailed, sweeping long shots . The use of colors in clothing and set design is really brilliant as well. I always appreciate giving giving characters white pieces to gradually deteriorate and dirty over the course of the movie. 

One of the movie’s strongest points is in its writing, which had previously been a weak spot in Scott Pilgrim. I won’t entirely attribute either of these points to Wright, however; he had co-writers work on the script with him in both instances.

The characters are beautifully tragic and realistic, flawed yet still relatable and heartening. Witty, fast-paced exchanges between characters gives the writing an elevated charm. Perhaps the best indicator of this is the scene I find the most well-written: the argument which takes place at the pub. The pacing and dialogue are wonderfully done, most of the scene not even containing the title character.  

Clichés which have fallen flat in dozens of traditional horror flicks are showcased in delightfully satiric exposition. The concept of the oblivious protagonists is done with great charm. 

For a movie which is not primarily advertised as horror, the surprisingly large amount of practical gore is done very well. (I will say, however, that CGI blood is always a small annoyance of any horror fan, as trivial as that may be.) Fight choreography is just as charming as the rest of the movie - who isn’t a sucker for fights done to classic rock? 

Again, as a movie portrayed as mainly comedic, there are some very emotional scenes, amazingly written and carried out by the main cast. The conflict seen between the major characters is heart-wrenchingly realistic and eloquent. Overall a very well-balanced tone is shown throughout the movie - darkly comedic, shocking and fun.