I am neither Lena Dunham or Agnieszka Holland, but I might be Jackie Weaver.

Favorite films

  • Reds
  • Under the Sand
  • Moonstruck
  • Tokyo-Ga

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  • United 93

  • The Iron Lady


  • Annihilation


  • 27 Dresses


Recent reviews

  • The Human Voice

    The Human Voice


    Part of me knows that this movie is very pretentious, but what it’s not nowadays. I like theatrical movies, and this one is very interesting but in the same time a bit blank.

    I’m attaching comment that my boyfriend made while we’re watching this:

    ,,(...) see I told you she’s an alian. Only an Alian woud have Samsung A230Something and AirPods”

  • I Am Woman

    I Am Woman


    I had to skip some parts

Popular reviews

  • A Rainy Day in New York

    A Rainy Day in New York


    Very mediocre movie
    The way women character are written is just awful and misogynistic

    How dare he cast cherry jones and put her in this ugly dress

    This film include scene where Timothy is singing while he plays on the piano... So film twiter and Tumblr users are going to lose their shit when this film leaks.

  • Ben Is Back

    Ben Is Back


    Hi. Here's my review of Amazon tv drama Homecoming.
    I fucking loved it.
    - t's only ten episodes each one takes about 30 minutes. WILD!!!
    - aspects ratios ❤
    - amazing score
    - HONG fucking CHAU
    - Sissy Spacek chilling whole series on a sofa watching tv
    - Bobby Cannavale is hot
    - De Palma splits screens
    - and finally Julia Roberts have her moment with good quality project. I'm proud of you Julia.

    I read somewhere…