The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★

A film that's as pretty as a painting, and with about as much depth.

The decision to leave the original poem's odd signs and portents just as disconnected and unexplained as they are in the text was certainly.. a choice, but it leaves the film feeling lost in its own ponderousness.

Dev Patel's terrific performance seems to come from an entirely different movie, being as warm and human as it is. The only other characters who feel similarly alive are the lord and lady of the house near the end of the film, who are terrific except for one (facepalm-worthy) scene where m'lady looks directly at the camera for two minutes and spells out the movie's symbolism of the colors green and red, which, uh yeah.

I'm glad I saw this in the theater since the visuals seems like they'd be misty and indistinct on a small screen. I had high hopes for the film, but am sorry to say it disappointed in just about every way. It HAS made me want to go back and read the original poem again, which I last read over 30 years ago, so at least there's that.

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