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  • Atlantics



    I think I just watched the best film (so far) of 2019 at home on Netflix. It's a shame, because Mati Diop and Claire Mathon's evocative images along with Fatima Al Qadiri's soundtrack really deserves the big screen. I'm stunned by this film, it will haunt me for some time.

  • Livet på Frogner

    Livet på Frogner


    “If I had completely relied on my intuition and my experience, I would have said: I should have a picture of an orange here, then I would have put a picture of an orange there. Eh.. Like dreams are in a way. Something I don't control with my logic, but it still has a function, that I do not understand, but then I have to accept that I do not understand.*”

    A woman (Haugsgjerd herself) is attempting to write a…

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  • Revenge



    The title is misleading. This is not revenge, and the film is not subversive. It's for the most part a straight genre film using rape as a backdrop.

    Spoilers ahead:

    There is no satisfaction to be had, because there is no actual revenge. Jen is raped and left for dead, but she doesn't come back for a "manhunt" which the misleading plot summary says. It's more of a fight to the death, where the men who already raped and tried…

  • The Untamed

    The Untamed


    What inspired this film was a news article about a man who drowned, and the headline read "faggot drowned". Amat Escalante was so appalled by the lack of humanity that he decided to make a film exploring themes of sex, homosexuality, violence and gender roles. And it the middle of it all, simply lacking any humanity at all: an alien which both gives humans pleasure and destroys them. When facing the cruelty and violence in Mexico, creating a supernatural being might seem less far fetched than reality.