Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★

Overall, I enjoyed this sequel to my second-favourite movie of all time, Blade Runner (1982). Amazingly, it does feel like the same world set 30 years later. The melancholy tone, futuristic ideas, production design, cinematography, and synthesizer music score are all here, which was a huge relief. This is the real triumph of the film; it could have easily been a train wreck. The story itself, developed by Ridley Scott and original writer Hampton Fancher, is all right, considering it had to meet practical concerns like which actors are still alive and available, keeping things familiar enough to sell tickets, and leaving the ending open for possible sequels. Where it falters is with some horrible castings choices, poorly-written antagonists (i.e. baddies), recycled symbolism, and lazy plot contrivances in the screenplay. The languid pace also stops the movie dead in a few scenes, causing at least one walkout in my session (most of the punters were behind me). So, Blade Runner 2049 could have been great, but sadly it falls short. That said, I will see it again before Sony 'retires' it from cinemas. 7.5/10 Weet-Bix (for now).

Update: Seeing it again at the cinema and on Blu-ray boosted the rating to 8/10 Weet-Bix.