Pat 巴斗

Pat 巴斗


i live in japan and help make anime.

in my free time i watch movies and listen to italo disco.

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  • I-Be Area

    I-Be Area


    Okay. I think we should show him the color yellow for a year, and then the next year only the color green. And see if it makes him different or more interesting or cooler than everyone else his age. I think in high school it will give him the razor's edge. It will give him one up.

  • Rabbit Test

    Rabbit Test

    this movie is pretty bad but more than anything i would love to read the minds of the yaoi fangirls who left comments on the youtube upload of this in 2012-2013 calling it a “mpreg movie”

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  • My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

    My Hero Academia: Two Heroes


    my favorite part was when young all might reached through the screen and impregnated me

  • Ben & Arthur

    Ben & Arthur


    i know youtube opened in 2005, but this feels like the world’s first youtube video.