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  • Rush



    I caught a fantastic BBC documentary on this story (Hunt Vs Lauda: F1s Greatest Rivals) and had to watch the movie for more on it. The plot and the acting was all there but the screenplay and directing was a huge let down.

    The races consisted of close ups of grass as the car drove past during montages. The film pays homage to the news coverage by recreating some shots of the races but the documentary created more suspension with…

  • Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life

    Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life


    Oh my god this was hilarious. If we were it take this as a serious drama though then the women characters were crazy for declaring rape and being strict christians. Plot hole: he somehow turns his internet on with the internet.

    Next time you have a party, stick this on instead of porn. It's perfect for edgy kids.

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  • Casino Royale

    Casino Royale


    + Craig and Eva Green play the most captivating Bond and Bond girl I've seen, perfect casting and acting all round
    + Action is top notch, though I always felt the final set piece wasn't as exciting as the ones before it
    + The locations, clothes, and the little details in how the characters moved are all smooth and cool
    - Product placement

    It's hard to say what made this movie work so well since the brains behind it made the other modern Bond films but it's a brilliant action film.

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    The Dark Knight Rises


    + Scenes with Batman and Catwoman together
    + The batwing and batcycle were cool thanks to the practical effects
    + Nice Cillian Murphy cameo
    + It was interesting to see the chant and the chalk Batman logo. Never scene a movie try and be viral before.
    - Focused on plot exposition so there is no reason to rewatch it for anything but the action which there is very little of. It's full of plot holes and the character motivations make…