Batman ★★★★★

"Where does he get those wonderful toys"
Yes I would like to know too!
20 years on (times flies like a Bat) and this still holds it own.
Tim Burton must of been jumping in the air, clicking his feet, when he got the chance to direct our DC hero on screen his way.
The sets, cast, action, costumes are perfect and everything looks like a Dark live action comic book.
Keaton plays a great Bruce Wayne and I don't think I need to say about Jack.
Thought it was a bit zany having Prince doing the soundtrack but when you have 'The Joker' dancing in a museum with his henchmen destroying art, it bloody works.
This film rocks and I can't compare it with Batman Begins as they are different in so many ways.
I love the Bat car and would like to take that out for a spin. In fact having joy riders in our streets, this will show them they don't have the best car on the street. Go Home boys!

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