Brooklyn's Finest

Brooklyn's Finest ★★★★

After having the worst day of his life and Killing Det. Alonzo Harris, Jake had to change his identity to Sal and move his family into a shack full of mould. I wonder after that day he wishes he went along with Harris.

Edward Lewis went through a bad divorce with his so-called prostitute who had taken all his money. Salvaging what he had left and changing his name to Eddie he decided to join the police force for the rest of his life and live in a shack.

Buck Swope is another one who had to change his identity after swagging loads of cash and running off with his GF. They decided to move to Brooklyn and he joined the police force getting into undercover having changing his identity to Tango.

Caz was known as Wesley before he got slammed into jail. He was caught for tax dodging. :-/)

This movie is an intake of how each police officer deals with everyday situations and you really do have to respect each officer as they go through some pretty hairy situations.
It must be tough after doing a drug bust and seeing a ton of cash more than they get paid a month. For each family as well wondering if they are going to come home each day.
Here you see three sides as one cop is struggling for cash having a family of 2 and twins are on the way.
The second is a cop who is due to retire in the next couple of days and is trying to avoid situations without getting killed. After he leaves it shows you don't get much respect from the department and makes you wonder is it really worth it placing your life over a career.
The other is a cop who places his own life going undercover to try and get a rise and a office which shows again is it really worth it.
A solid movie with great acting throughout the entire 2 hours.

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