Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

Fincher is the best working director out there.
Why is this!
Because he commits himself 110% making sure everything is done to how he wants it.
I did cringe at the fact Ben Affleck was playing the main lead but after the glorious 'Argo' Fincher must of seen something to choose him for the role.
What's funny is part of Ben's career has either been loved or hated through the media.
Loved for 'Good Will hunting', hated for Pearl harbour, Gigli which comes to mind and hanging around with some 'Jenny from the block'.
Than being loved for 'Argo' but the Oscar academy still hating him.
Now starring in this but back to being hated for taking the part of Batman.
A bit of a sting with the media to show how they portray people in real life too.
The film itself is another masterpiece from Fincher which kept me compelled to the screen.
Loved the performances from everybody especially from Pike and she might get an Oscar nom (here's hoping).
The abrupt ending will still play on your mind and it's a good example of film to discuss with any movie fans after.

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