Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★★

Let me explain.....
Marvel had balls of steel to try something different with new characters and a new story throwing in a mix of comedy.
You know what!
Everything works so well and now Marvel have another ball in the court.
Are we going to have a trilogy of every famous character like they did for Iron Man, Captain America etc. I would love to see Rocket Raccoon's story fighting good and evil with Groot.
The humor works really well especially in some places, this could of hurt the movie too but doesn't at all.
If people didn't like Avengers they might enjoy this more. It is very different with loads of cool fun.
The effects are top notch alongside the 3D with depth as deep as a swimming pool and the odd touch of pop up's.
The soundtrack was sweet, I can't wait to hear AWESOME MIX.. PT 2 now.
A sequel is already in the works so let's wait and see what they do next.
The only disappointing thing was the end of credits scene, they better not bring that character back into play. Feathers will fly..;-)
Looking forward to the next one now especially with the rodent/rat/ wait Raccoon....phew he might of got upset and blast my ass into space he he.
Which means watch this movie now!

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