Her ★★★★

Wow, can you imagine if he was chatting up Sky-net and pissed her off. The world would be in big trouble if he refused to be in love with her.:/)

What's worrying, this kind of thing is coming very close to real life. Bad enough having mobiles where people are looking at a screen and missing out the views that surrounds them from time to time. Now having a computer talking to you all the time they could be missing sounds from the real world.
This will help out lonely people but will take them away from the real world.

Welcome to 'The Matrix' people. Machines will be overtaking us .:(

A very heartwarming and moving film where performances are top notch all round.
Spike Jonze is a great director and everything he does I enjoy most of the time and here we are fed with lot's of colour and nice camera work as expected.
An enjoyable emotional film that deserves to be watched from time to time.

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