The Conjuring

The Conjuring ★★★★★

James Wan has created a masterpiece from start to finish. The tone and style were filmed perfectly to get that real 70's feeling. Exactly how Ben Affleck filmed'Argo'.
What really shines is the camera work, everything is done to make the audience feel like they are sucked into this making them more scared than the actors themselves.
Whats more scary is it's based on events that actually happened to the Perron family.
Why didn't they release this for Halloween, this would have been the perfect time to release such a film.
Such a quality horror film that deserves to be up there with the rest and I am sure the greats like Hitchcock and Kubrick are clapping down at Wan now while I type this.
Was thinking of watching it again , sitting in the back of the cinema and clapping here and there to freak people out....hehe :-)

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