The Master

The Master ★★★★★

Paul Thomas Anderson has done it again. I didn't think he could ever match the fantastic 'There will be blood'.
Well, he has.:)
Every single actor and actress in here is at there very best. Phillip Seymour Hoffman's performance was incredible as always and Joaquin's is fantastic so both deserved a Golden Statue. If only PTA could have stopped DDL to make Lincoln, JQ would have been walking away with this hands down.
Some of the camera shots are incredible, my personnel best was Joaquin running across the farmers field.This scene looked stylish and incredible with style.
PTA has created a MASTER piece and another great achievement for us to add to our top PTA lists.
P.S. In the trailer there is a shot of 2 people jumping off the bridge and this scene was not in the film. 2:14mins on YouTube to be precise.
Another great shot which is a shame it wasn't added in the final cut.

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