Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★½

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Man, was this ever disappointing. I remember seeing the trailers being spammed like hell in March 2020, and I remember it looking like a boring-fish absurd comedy. Was it boring? Yes. But is wasn't a comedy.
I really hated how inconsistent the tone of this movie was. It did start off as a dark comedy. This movie makes a political statement quite early on and wasn't very subtle about that and the characterization of men, but it was relatively forgivable considering Carey Mulligan's character carefully chooses guys she teaches a lesson. But then suddenly it turned into some really generic romantic drama, only to turn into a bland thriller/revenge movie afterwards.
It's not just that the movie can't seem to decide what it wants to be. It's also very unclear as to what Side you're supposed to be on. It's obviously not the side of the men; most of the men portrayed in this movie are pigs (which I again don't take a lot of issue with as this movie is told from Cassandra's perspective), but there are a lot of things Cass does that are genuinely fucked up. Even though a lot of things are implied and turn out to be less worse as they seemed at first, it still is complete psychological torture that is not okay. Cassandra comes close to being a complete sociopath, but the movie doesn't present her as an anti-hero. And don't throw that bullshit of 'well it's supposed to be left open' at me, because this movie is subtle about nothing.
There were a few nice details I noticed throughout and thought that those things were well-done, but they were either explicitly said or shown in a close-up so that you surely notice. Nothing is left up to interpretation, and the way information is revealed is just so obnoxiously on-the-nose. The first 10 minutes could've been cut and we still would've gotten the same information and sense of character.
The ending is also laughably stupid. I won't spoil it, but the way a shocking moment is presented makes the rest of the movie so utterly predictable. Not because it progresses logically from what was shown earlier, but because of how ridiculous it is. I really don't understand how this movie won an Oscar for best screenplay, as that is clearly the weakest aspect of this movie.
Carey Mulligan was great though and that made this movie at least somewhat watchable. She showed a range of emotions and delivered the ridiculous moments really well.

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