28 Days Later

28 Days Later ★★★★


I spent more time than I'm willing to admit trying to figure out why the quality was so awful. I had no idea Boyle shot this digitally and in SD. I legitimately thought something was wrong with my display or playback settings. Can't imagine how this is gonna play 40 years from now, but whatever. Still a damn good movie.

I suppose I'm more lukewarm than most on this classic. Make no mistake, I still think it's original as hell and borderline-great. I'm admittedly just not a big fan of the third act (everything after Gleeson dies). It's fine, but most of the men are too over-the-top cartoon evil for my taste. For "the real danger is humans" themes to work, the antagonists have to actually be human, not sex-starved automaton demon soldiers. I just don't think it plays as well as the rest of the film, which is visceral, raw, and tense like few other zombie flicks. The action's always great, but for me the final 25 or so is just too silly for the harrowing tone that Boyle obviously wants to strike.

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