Parasite ★★★★★


Not only my favorite movie I've seen this year. Parasite will surely rank highly if I attempt a best of the decade list.

I have two full pages of notes that I want to think through and write about, but I also want to see the film again before I do. Not that it's hard to understand. Bong Joon-ho actually quite easily communicates the themes, which, like most of his films, are heavily steeped in class divides. This completely blows away everything else he's done in that respect, though.

There's just so much perfection at play in every moment that I want to experience it all again before I think it all through. Like, pick any single element--the cinematography, the score, the acting, the comedy, the editing (that scene in the yard!), the unspoken action in service of the themes, the repetition to reinforce all these elements--you're looking at a best of the year contender. It's like an all-star sports team that has no weakness at any position and is losing no one to free agency. What the hell am I even talking about? Anyway, Parasite is awesome.

Even with all that, the film works as more than the sum of its parts. The story is simultaneously funny, disturbing, and eventually downright bonkers in a way that only Yorgos Lanthimos (and maybe PT Anderson) has touched on in recent years. There's one really dumb specific thing that made me arbitrarily mark it down to 97 instead of 100, but it's a huge spoiler so I won't mention it here, just in case anyone was wondering. The numbers are pointless anyway. The point is: see this movie if you can.

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