Suspiria ★★★★

there is something about dakota johnson in luca guadagnino films that hits different

i don't entirely know what i just watched, or why i just watched it, or why i like it, but i do know that i'm quite disturbed but also that the first dance sequence with dakota is one of my favourite scenes that i've recently seen.

tilda swinton is phenomenal obviously and is just like the most bizarre and brilliant actress of her generation, i don't know how she pulls multiple roles off here but she does, and does so brilliantly with dr klemperer as well.

i don't know why but there is such a beauty in the darkness in suspiria, obviously with the dance sequences and costumes and obviously with dakota johnson because duh but also with the gory scenes.

it's messy but in a good way, there is a clear method to the amazing madness and i love it, the final confrontation was choreographed so well as well as having some of the most fucked up moments i've seen

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