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  • Junk Head
  • The Devil Queen
  • Compartment No. 6
  • Panelstory or Birth of a Community

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  • Fire Island

    Fire Island



    Jesus Wept - especially as I'd been to see Perfume Genius 2 nights previous.

    Sooo, here's the polite G-rated version; 
    mind-numbingly dull, predictable, forgetably glib & soooo vanilla mainstream with 1 great (& underused token) character.
    Read:  the hets & kids'll love it .


    *adopting breathlessly uptalk nasal tone* 
    I mean seriously ... like, ... actually, ... 
    what was I expecting from a gay Rom-Com?

  • Code Unknown

    Code Unknown


    9.5 /10

    I had no idea that 1 of my Top 5 actors of all time was in this -
    & as usual, Luminița Gheorghiu [RIP} effortlessly & quietly did what she always does best.

    It seems that just when I think I'm about to settle into some pessimism, Director Michael Haneke seems to dog-whistle his transfixed audience (me) by tossing some unexpectedly bright eyed optimism into the mix -
    which strangely, isn't the slightest bit annoying or unsettling.

    So cleverly observant, the camera & angles seemingly just catching what it needs to ... with such uncanny precision.

Popular reviews

  • Invisible Life

    Invisible Life


    10 /10

    Everything about that restaurant scene ... the fish-tank.. totally floored me with reactive emotions.

    It's such a wonderfully slow-paced & visually beautiful movie, with some incredible performances.

    That the photography captures the tropical climate so perfectly, which in turn adds another unsaid reflective layer - not something seen too often, but when done as successfully as in this movie is simply jaw-dropping.

    PS: Director Karim Ainouz has listed his Top 10 Criterion Collection Movie List - it's an interesting & informative read.

  • Mr. Bachmann and His Class

    Mr. Bachmann and His Class


    10 /10

    A deserving Berlin Award Winner which successfully goes that little bit further in restoring collective faith in a humane society.

    Origins of the 12-14 year old students from 9 countries include Romania to Brazil, Turkey to Bulgaria, plus - with all the respective cultural & religious differences & all in the process of successfully learning & speaking Deutsch.

    What makes Dieter Bachmann so wonderful is his mantra & belief that the grades & test results don't reflect who each of those individual kids…