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  • Betty Blue

    Betty Blue


    5 /10

    I originally had this movie locked in for 8.5 /10, based entirely on loving what I saw it in '86, & remembering it as the last of Director Jean-Jacques Beineix fantastic '80s Trilogy & being so perfect, so French-European, so '80s .....

    Saw it again this week, after having forgotten almost everything about it, & was bored senseless after the 1st (of 3) hour.
    Maybe I've just seen too many other attention-seeking & manipulative dullards on the big screen in that 3+ decade interval ...


  • Corpus Christi

    Corpus Christi


    9.5 /10

    Every year for god-knows-how-long, & just when the Program is released, I'm asked by Fab Deb for a Top 4-5 List of movies screening at Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) for her to then give her 20+ person Book Club of High Achievers so they can then all civilly discuss & debate which 1 movie to then see as a Group.

    Describing the pressure to meet their collective & individual movie tastes is impossible, but because Fab Deb knows I keep…

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  • Invisible Life

    Invisible Life


    10 /10

    Everything about that restaurant scene ... the fish-tank.. totally floored me with reactive emotions.

    It's such a wonderfully slow-paced & visually beautiful movie, with some incredible performances.

    That the photography captures the tropical climate so perfectly, which in turn adds another unsaid reflective layer - not something seen too often, but when done as successfully as in this movie is simply jaw-dropping.

    PS: Director Karim Ainouz has listed his Top 10 Criterion Collection Movie List - it's an interesting & informative read.

  • Roma



    I know I don't need to advise anyone here to see it on the biggest & best screen.

    Please stop comparing it - it's magnificent, beautiful , emotive & utterly breathtaking for all the right reasons ... & it has a glorious bouncy young hound.

    Seen @ ACMI