Love on the Run ★★★★

8.5 /10

There was a slight feeling of the storyline of Antoine Doinel being 'tidied up' in this conclusion of the 5 movie series - but that's not to say it detracted from the movie.
If anything, it allowed me to see precisely how the movies, actors, Director, writing & especially cinematography had evolved & improved over that 20 year period, 1959-79.

The Criterion Collection Box Set is as valuable as it's fantastic - & not just because Antoine and Collette is included with The 400 Blows dvd.
It's especially beneficial when the Extras are showing or referencing the clips from the original movie(s), so the viewer can immediately see the comparison between the CC dvd digital transfer just watched & the original.

Criterion Collection 'The Adventures of Antoine Doinel' box set, #188.

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