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  • Cyborg


    Look, there are flaws here, kooky as I can be with my contrarian junkfood taste I'm not gonna front like this film is perfect, story-wise it's made up entirely of perfunctory beats scrapped from a hundred other post-apocalyptic films, the acting ranges from sleepy and awkward to sleepy and awkward but hey at least babyfaced Van Damme is kind of endearing (this is excluding some classic sneering evil gangboss cheese from the main villain, a welcome tonic to the film's…

  • The Limits of Control

    The Limits of Control

    Woof, okay, here we go...

    Same deal as ''Inherent Vice'', taking a sober stab at a stoner staple, to straight up transcendent results. Pfffft, and I was worried about this one, thinking the endless waves of pure sound and imagery it rides on might not be enough to keep a less dulled and dopey mind at attention. Worth noting (probably not actually, but whatever), two other big life changes that really help amplify the intoxication of this:

    A) I've flipped…

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  • The Sadness

    The Sadness

    AKA All Edgelords Go To Heaven

    Total mediocrity with some really good blood spurts, squanders every potentially novel idea it has* to instead focus on thinking up creative ways to r*pe people. Still kinda enjoyable in the moment, like I said those blood spurts are real fucking juicy, but all in all the shallowest eye-rolling tripe imaginable

    *like imagine if the film actually followed the zombified boyfriend on his romantic quest to find/murder his girlfriend instead of out the blue…

  • Ambulance


    "You wake up
    You stand up
    You move to LA
    You’re just another person that moves to LA
    An explosion is worse
    A hundred million words
    And that is maybe too many words to say"

    Thought that Destroyer quote was perfect when I misheard it as "an explosion is WORTH a hundred million words" (or at least according to Genius I misheard) but fuck it have at it all the same.

    Anyway, guess I'm suddenly a Micheal Bay guy now?…

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  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    It all comes back to electricity. Something so unspeakably evil happens to you, has been happening to you all of your life, something impossible to face head on, so instead you tell yourself a story. Your abuser isn't really your father, he's merely the puppet of an ancient being that exists beyond time and space, the personification of the evil that men do, both tangible and intangible all at once, it can't be contained, captured, measured, weighed, understood, or stopped,…

  • Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice

    Probably the most important film released in my serious movie watching lifetime (so like, post-2009 let's say), the big brain flipside to the dummy fun of ''Southland Tales'', which together form a pretty defining ''pieces of art that most clearly reflect/define how I see the world'' duo. Not unfair to peg this as just simplified cliffnotes Pynchon, but as someone who recently dedicated the better part of a year to ''Gravity's Rainbow'' and overall had a pretty horrible time of…