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    Triple-X, everyone obsessed.
    Don't you know? True horror
    is primal, everyone in denial.

  • Jackass Forever

    Jackass Forever


    Pass the torch boys. Pass the torch.

  • The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

    The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness


    A beautiful look into the world of Studio Ghibli and it's giant, Hayao Miyazaki. I love how this was covered during the pre-production, production, and post-production of The Wind Rises. It truly shows how much care and unspoken passion goes through the animation process, despite Miyazaki's manic-depression. He gives some wisdom that I had never thought of and it has shined a new light on some things that I've been struggling with. It's a nice subtle film with a slight undertone of mysticism on the human experience and the nuances that come with it.

  • Ocean Waves

    Ocean Waves


    Ocean Waves is Studio Ghibli's black sheep and I think that the hate for this is totally unnecessary. This movie tends to get criticized for being objectifying women and being tone-deaf, under the radar of the sexual. Additionally, many say it's cringe-worthy.

    In all honesty, I thought it was modest in the themes it explored. I feel that people forget that this film is about teenagers and the struggles that they face as they exit adolescence and are propelled into the…

  • Dune



    Quite the slow-burn, but Denis Villeneuve certainly delivered. After years of disappointing sci-fi films and franchises, Dune maybe the genre's revival. Can't wait for part 2.

  • Cowboy Bebop

    Cowboy Bebop


    The greatest Japanese anime series of all time. Finished for the 3rd time in my life and I didn't know I needed this. The messages behind this beautiful anime completely resonated with me and impacted me more than I would ever realize. 

    ...See You Space Cowboy

  • Midnight Mass

    Midnight Mass


    Thank goodness I'm not Christian cause this would have been rough to sit through 😂

  • Squid Game

    Squid Game


    Is this Netflix's comeback for quality?

  • Raya and the Last Dragon

    Raya and the Last Dragon


    Watched this on the plane home from Oregon. I think it's cool that there was some Southeast Asian representation here but it really didn't tie much cultural elements that I would've liked to see. Other than that, it's a pretty solid kids movie.

  • Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

    Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby


    Ah the smell of Americana in its prime. There's still funny stuff in this movie but ultimately it didn't hold up like it use to. Lots of jokes are outdated and fell flat. *sigh*

  • Paprika



    Amazing concept that plays around with the idea of a waking dream and true reality. Satoshi Kon was an exceptional human being with superb talent for telling a story. 

    Side note: Sad that this was the last movie I watched with my cousins and they both went to bed before it was finished. I'll cherish the moments I had with them.

  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express


    I'm so glad my cousins have the same taste in films as I do. Love you Emil and Simi! <3