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  • Pennhurst


    ABYSMAL - I'd rather go to church than watch this again.

  • The House of the Devil

    The House of the Devil


    Excellently done 80s throwback, it even looks like a 25-30 year old film! Great plot about a babysitter who is lured to a creepy-ass house with a SATANIC CULT GOING ON UPSTAIRS. Very cool SATANIC rituals and a couple of good shocks. Watch it!

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  • Face/Off



    On the one hand, this is a shitty, shitty shooting film, as full of callous, consequence-free murder as this sentence is full of commas, but, on the other hand it, it has the guy from Battlefield Earth acting like Nicolas Cage, which is really funny! He must be quite a good actor, or perhaps it is easy to "act" like Nicolas Cage... You've also got Nicolas Cage acting like Nicolas Cage, so effectively you get two Cages for your money, which has got to be good.

  • Guarding Tess

    Guarding Tess


    Jeepers! This is worse than the previous NCS film "Vampire's Kiss". NC is an FBI, CIA, BB King, Doris Day or whatever agent who has to protect an old woman, but, get this - the old woman is an arsehole!
    "Looking forward" to the next film in Nicolas Cage Season...