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  • The Mind's Eye

    The Mind's Eye


    We usually associate "this film felt longer than it was" with negative criticism but in this case the flick was so dense that it did honestly feel longer than it was. The opening five minutes had more striking imagery than most full-length movies. It also opened my eyes as to why I love a lot of films described as tech demos. When you're demonstrating technical capabilities, you have permission to go crazy with the medium and explore the limits of…

  • Blank Slate

    Blank Slate

    when ur taking a pre-shower shit and someone's like bro don't take too long and ur like bro I'm shitting

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  • FLCL



    Rather amazing. Completely incomprehensible. The story doesn't make all that much sense but it doesn't really have to. The characters, atmosphere and overall emotion it conveys are quite rad. That doesn't mean the story is bad, though. What is happening and how is always clear but the why of what is happening proves to be elusive. Why did Naota lose his brain. Where did the robot that ate cell phones come from? It didn't come from Naota's head so where…

  • Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sonic the Hedgehog


    Jim Carrey IS Doctor Robotnik

    Also, the backstory for Sonic was lit. I teared up a little when his owl mommy died.

    Jeff Fowler and the writers are comedic geniuses. A kid's classic to be revered for centuries. Already a contender for one of the best movies of the decade. Keep making kino, SEGA.

    Humanistic, sexy, thrilling, humorous.