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  • Jungle Fever

    Jungle Fever


    I went in expecting, just based on the preview, a step down from Mo’ Better Blues. And for the first half hour or so, it was. The professional drama was a bit lazy and the affair doesn’t feel earned or seeded in any way. But Lee wasn’t interested in those parts. He was interested in the backlash, the ripple effect that runs through both characters’ social circles. The range of conversations and confrontations that erupt from this simple mixed race…

  • Mo' Better Blues

    Mo' Better Blues


    Lesser Lee but he's still young and hungry with this one which is probably why it ultimately works. Denzel's overall arc is a bit contrived and most of the supporting characters (particularly the female ones) aren't given their due but it's an overall pleasant time. A pretty standard fable about the pitfalls of success and prioritizing one's art over a personal life; possibly a bit autobiographical given when this came out in Lee's own career. Obviously, it's far from the stick of dynamite that Do The Right Thing was but I'm sure Lee needed the palate cleanser.

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  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project


    This movie is a magic trick. It starts off seeming like a typical improvised indie drama with no particular direction in mind. But by the final act, every little thing starts paying off and you're left with maybe the best ending of any movie this year.

  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me


    Re-watched this (and the series) in anticipation for The Return. Hard to rate as a movie but a crucial piece of the Twin Peaks puzzle. As a fan, I feel lucky to have 18 hours of new Twin Peaks that's just as baffling and insane as this.