Whisper of the Heart ★★★★


I don't have many words for how much this movie currently resonates with me like no other, it's an iridescent kaleidoscope of emotions I can't describe. This pure delight of a film about discovering your passion in life with all the emotions on the road to getting there, and having people in your life to inspire and motivate you is such a universal message you can feel from approaching college to when your last child leaves the nest. Wanting to become a writer myself and sometimes getting so nervous about whether I'm any good or if it's even worth the effort to finish my first book, this young girl's struggle with her self-confidence and the strength of her abilities as an artist encapsulates all I'm feeling as well. Finding her true motivation in another creative friend's journey to push herself and see how far it takes her is an absolute inspiration to me. If you're a creative and ever feel downhearted about your work, take a detour towards this splendid slice-of-life for a little while and see where you end up.