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  • Fox and His Friends

    Fox and His Friends


    Its themes are quite surface-level, but effective. An extraordinarily beautiful film.

  • Logan's Run

    Logan's Run


    I liked this a lot more than i thought I would, even if the bad parts stick out upon critical reflection. The only lasting one is that the premise/setting isn't really explored - the Brave New World consumerism/hedonism combined with its 70s aesthetic could have been milked for much more. But I was really interested in where this went as I was watching.

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  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut


    I should open explaining my history with this film behind my viewing - years ago as a young teenager a friend brought this movie over to a sleepover so that we could look at boobs and fast-forward through other sections of the movie. Then once I caught the middle section on TV on holidays and in an undergrad class we studied the movie (and a couple scenes in detail). So while I was rather familiar with the movie, agreed with…

  • Mommie Dearest

    Mommie Dearest


    Dunaway showcases a new kinda of acting altogether, a hybrid mixture of camp impersonation and full on demonic possession. Without it, the film ceases to exist. Slimy nostalgia tabloid told with outrageous bombast in an epic tale of what is essentially vignettes, a series of scenes so confusingly put together that any given cut could be anywhere between a split-second reaction shot to a "several years later" interval. Few films depend so much on their central performance, and it's one of the greatest I've ever seen.