Brad Henderson

Screenwriter/Producer/Film Historian | Acquisitions and Producer at Vinegar Syndrome

Favorite films

  • Class of 1999
  • Harold and Maude
  • The Raiders of Atlantis
  • Messiah of Evil

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  • The Forever Purge


  • Messiah of Evil


  • Maximum Overdrive


Recent reviews

  • The Wrong Door

    The Wrong Door


    THE WRONG DOOR is about as weird as I remember. Some of it works and some doesn’t. Interesting plot and it gears up to be a good cat & mouse game but meanders for too long losing a little interest along the way. I know the history on how this movie came to be but I just wish it had a little bit more teeth. This type of film is definitely ripe for a remake though and unique in its own way.

  • We're All Going to the World's Fair

    We're All Going to the World's Fair


    WE’RE ALL GOING TO THE WORLD’S FAIR was pretty cool. There’s a lot more going on in this movie than being just a creepypasta-esque film. Between the horror, growing up, depression, suicidal thoughts, and just trying to fit the fuck in - its kind of a rollercoaster. I don’t often think that movies deem a rewatch after just watching it but this film took me by surprise of how many layers it really has. Also, soundtrack by Alex G and…

Popular reviews

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    Welp, not for me.

    This doesn’t feel like a Halloween film at all. There are some incredible kills in it and the flashback stuff is good but it’s such a slog to get through. 

    I hope people like it though. I want to keep seeing Mikey on the big screen.

  • X



    X was pretty cool. One of the horniest horror films I’ve seen and quite the experience. Good times, solid performances, and a decent amount of gore. Really dug it and glad West came back swinging with this horror/slasher flick. 🍆 💦 Soundtrack/score was sweet, too. #SXSW2022